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Netripples Voluntary Blood Bank Management System Software is a comprehensive ready to use software designed to automate and manage the activities of the Blood Bank which includes Donor Registration, Camp Donations, Blood Unit or Donor Screening, Cross Matching, Blood Unit Inventories, Patient Issues, Finance & Billing. Over 100 Individual/Summary Reports helps in electronic documentation and print Management of all Stages of Blood Bank Operations. Each function comes with User Friendly Screens with built-in Help; Security & Administration of Software along with Auto Report Headers are other flexible features of the Software. Key Modules covered are listed here. Donor Registration : This module manages all types of Donor Registrations, New Donors, Regular Donors, Autologus Directed Donors, Camp Donors, Replacement Donors, Aphaeresis Donors, and also tracks the Donors who are deferred temporarily and permanently. Donor Search facilitates easy registration process and helps in alerting any fraudulent Donations and more... Blood Screening Management : This module manages and facilitates in Blood Screening (Blood Group Test), Microbiology Tests, Immunohaematology, Serology and other Blood Screening tests with results capulated in well formatted reports and more... Component Management : This module manages and facilitates Component Preparation, Setup of Component Combinations, and also helps in Stock update to Main Inventory from Quarantine Stock post Test results Verification and more... Blood Requisition Management Module : This module manages and facilitates all Requests for Blood Units, Process the requests for sample tests and screening and organize for Blood Unit Reservation for specified period for Issue at an even of surgery or defined date by Hospital. You can setup Blood Requests and Reservation Parameters Setup, organize for Sample for Samples Test/Cross Matching functions and more...

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